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Tools and Resources

You engage Smart Accounting informal CFO services, by Eve Blackall, which include analysis, advice and projects that can cover any or all of the following seven key areas of your business:

  • Cashflow release and management
  • Revenue optimisation – pricing and product mixes
  • Cost reduction – supplier reviews, improvement of efficiencies, reduction of waste and rework
  • Reporting, dashboards and KPIs
  • Business strategy, business planning, forecasting and budgeting, what-if analysis
  • Governance – reviewing and managing staff, inventory, quality, risks etc
  • Value realisation – getting exit ready, and selling for the best possible price

Join our clients who have already boosted their business value and profit with brilliant results.

Smart Accounting know that SME life isn’t easy – simple spreadsheets, and easy checklists are hard to find. Because helping business is why we exist, this site has quite a few Free Options, (and some other not very expensive ones) developed so you can start improving your business right now.

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