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SMEs:  Starting, growing, running, problem solving and retiring…..

Smart Accounting provide business consulting and advisory services to small business and start-ups in Melbourne.

Unlock your business’s hidden potential and use our innovative methods to steer you to success.  Whether it be to make a diagnosis and provide smart business solutions, or to help you launch a new project successfully – partnering with Smart Accounting is the greatest advantage a business can have.  Out-shine your competition because you are choosing a business consultant with all the technical skills and knowledge that you will ever require.

No matter what the size of your business, we are highly capable and extremely experienced in developing practical improvements, specifically driving effectiveness and efficiency.

Most of the time, start-ups and SMEs overlook the importance of engaging a consultant especially in the early stages of their business. Our many years of hands-on business leadership and knowledge can be called upon at the critical points in your organisation’s life cycle, so using our skills can be the difference between whether or not your business rises from being a tiny endeavour into a champion.

At Smart Accounting, we help our clients understand the importance of establishing strong business goals along with solid staffing structures and clear operational processes to ensure longevity and success.  A clear vision upfront compounded with a powerful business plan is one of the most important pillars to having a successful business.

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Business Consulting Options:

Below is an overview of the kinds of work we do. This selection is by no means exhaustive, and our team of friendly staff are more than happy to discuss your specific needs and tailor an approriate solution – no matter if the solution is large or small.


4. People and Process

Developing practical improvements and ensuring your business's ongoing profitability becomes stable and plentiful


2. Growth and Expansion

All the support you need so you can set your sights on bigger projects and mangage your growth; be it super quickly, or slow and steady.


6. Selling and Exiting

Get your business sale-ready and exit for the best possible price, or step back a little to align your work practices with your peronal goals

Proof is in the stats – our passion for consulting will make your business hum

Cashflow Increases
Revenue Increases
Cost Reduction
Exit Value Gain

What we do…

Brilliant Business Consulting for starting, running, growing and selling SMEs:

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