QUIZ – Is Your Accountant Looking After You

Discover if you have a great accountant or if it is time for a change…

Accountants show their interest in a variety of ways, from how they bill your work, to what conversations they have with you…
A great accountant will run their business in a way that supports your business, but without trying a few it can be difficult to know what a “Great Accountant” looks like; – this Quiz will help you sort out the wheat from the chaff.

All the answers are yes or no so generally this takes around 2 minutes to get through and you should know all the answers without having to check.(the current average is 3.2 minutes; I’m not kidding – this is quick and simple!)

Your results will appear on the screen once you hit the ANSWERS button, and we will also email your answers alongside, the ideal responses, so you can refer back to them and begin making informed changes.
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Start this Quiz
Start this Quiz

Review how your accountant is looking after your business to understand if you need to change – start this Quiz right now!


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