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Brilliant Business Advice for starting, running, growing and selling SMEs:


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Why Smart Accounting?

Smart Accounting’s commitments to you are:

  • Being honest, reliable and maintaining our professionalism at all times
  • Being responsive and easy for you to do business with
  • Using a comprehensive range of specialist capabilities, drawing from cross-industry experience and networks
  • Delivering excellence (always keeping our commitments)

Smarter Small Business Advice for increasing profit, unlocking cash-flow, improving growth and realising business success.

To help SMEs successfully thrive by working side-by-side to provide support, structure and clarity, through CFO services that incorporate accounting, business analytics, consulting and entrepreneurism.


Growth and Planning

Growth and Planning SMEs:  Starting, growing, running, problem solving and retiring..... Smart Accounting provide business consulting and advisory services to small business and start-ups in Melbourne. Unlock your business’s hidden potential and use our innovative methods to steer you to success.  Whether it be to make [...]


Profit Management

True profit managment is ensuring profits are predictable and reliable (only then can effective tax managment come into play) No matter what the size of your business, we are highly capable and experienced in developing practical profit improvements, specifically through driving transparency, effectiveness and efficiency. Most businesses, [...]

What you get:

Eve Blackall - business advisor melbourne
Principle – Eve Blackall

Thirty Years of Consulting Experience

What clients say:

With a strong commitment to training and keeping up-to-date, the knowledge is evident in all parts of their work, from training us on ways to save costs, to answering queries promptly….They care enough about my business to get it right.


After surviving six years in small business, I believe myself to be a relatively smart business woman and have built a successful business, but have always been terrified of “the accounts”. Eve and Smart Accounting have taught me how to read my accounts. She has taught me how my reports simply back up and explain the story of my business – without me having to rely overly hard on my gut instinct.


Last year I had a few financial situations I was not sure of and so I turned to Eve for her advice which was quickly and expertly given and I remain grateful for her input. This advice alone is invaluable and makes the whole cash-flow process so much easier for me.


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