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Sometimes xxhit happens!
Do you need guidance to calmly assess what has happened, and work out how best to get you back on track?
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Why Smart Accounting?

You get a true business alliance, not just compliance number crunching

What we do?

Business Advice:    √ Smarter Decisions    √ Better Business      √ Bigger Profits

Geek-speak Free

Eve gives simple and direct advice never techy speak; she is not a dreary ‘pointy-headed’ accountant

Working smarter

Get actual business advice and make better decisions = practical outcomes and strong results.

Open contracts

Choose to start with small tweaks, or launch into something big – whatever suits you.

Simple pricing

Competitively priced and charged by the hour – you agree every task in advance.

What stage is your business?

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What do clients expect?

Results: The proof is in these stats – my passion will make your business hum

Boost in Cashflow at least – average is 40% to 50%
Revenue Increases (some as high as 80%)
as a start in Cost Reductions – I always find more
increase in Business Value (record is 500%)

Small Business Advice - Green Grass Leave your tax and compliance with your existing accountant… AND The grass can be green on EVERY SIDE! Get In Touch work with us to grow, improve profits, solve niggles,
or sell your business for the price of your dreams.
Leave your tax and compliance with your existing accountant… AND The grass can be green on EVERY SIDE! Get In Touch work with us to grow, improve profits, solve niggles,
or sell your business for the price of your dreams.

Thirty Years of Consulting Experience = Smarter Decisions

Testimonials from successful and happy clients

With a strong commitment to training and keeping up-to-date, the knowledge is evident in all parts of their work, from training us on ways to save costs, to answering queries promptly….They care enough about my business to get it right.

Jody Testimonial PicJody, CEO Kinetics

After surviving six years in small business, I believe myself to be a relatively smart business woman and have built a successful business, but have always been terrified of “the accounts”. Eve and Smart Accounting have taught me how to read my accounts. She has taught me how my reports simply back up and explain the story of my business – without me having to rely overly hard on my gut instinct.

Kylie H Testimonial PicKylie, Village Voice

Eve Diamond’s experience spans consulting, change management, commercial management, business process outsourcing, and various accounting roles including Group Financial controller. Eve is an influential communicator, strategic thinker, and an experienced facilitator – she has proven to be an asset, delivering demonstrable productivity and performance improvements.

Gordon Smith TestimonialGordon, Wipro

Get what you want = Better Business

Access an experienced Senior Executive without ongoing employment commitments

Smart Accounting and Eve Diamond are different – providing business solutions that are clear and meaningful, with structure and support, so that you can effectively tackle, and resolve all your business needs.

Eve Blackall - business advisor melbourne
Principal – Eve Diamond

Some Clients you may recognise = Bigger Profits

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