Why the Business ‘Ologies”???

Accounting has been touted as a “dark art” for far too long!
It is actually quite simple to use some basic finance tools to uncover more profit, cashflow and value in your own business – but most people have been taught not to try (all too often by their own accountants)

To debunk this myth and enable you to take your own steps towards really great profits I invented these business-ologies


a branch of study dealing with a body of facts or truths
Origin: 1795-1805 – extracted from words like biology and geology

So, here they are, a variety of ways for better understanding your own business so that you can prosper.

These “business-ologies” are designed to help SME owners discover hidden profits, cash and value in your business.
You uncover where to make more money, and more importantly, discover how to keep more of it for yourself; increasing your success and decreasing your stress along the way.

Discover and Uncover

Target the under-performing aspects of your business one step at a time, and gain up to 30% costs savings and actionable insights to ignite your business profit and value.

We are flexible about what we target and adjusting this to best fit your circumstances. So if you have something else in mind, we have probably come across it before and are sure to be able to help you.

Currently,we are uncovering at least 10% more profit hidden in business inefficiencies in every single business we review. How much do you think we can uncover in your Business?

What is Cashflowology?


Discovering how easily cash can flow throughout your business.

What is Profitology?

profitology image

Discovering more profits for everyday business people.

What is Exitology?

exit-ology image

Discovering how to sell your business for the price of your dreams.