Profit Improving Tools, Resources and Services

Most businesses, both big and small, have lots of numbers, data and info in their systems, but often they don’t have the time, or skills, to easily access the most important pieces of information for powerful decision making.

Imagine if you had the best knowledge, information, and insights, in front of you right now… How much difference would that make to you?

Are you searching for better:

  • Business Insights on revenues, costs, cashflows, efficiency, quality?
  • Clearer Risk identification?
  • Practical, and relevant, information on opportunities and clear solutions to the challenges in your business?

Then you are not alone!

Working with Smart Accounting’s Services, Tools and Resources you can take begin to examine the things that matter and start to improve profit.

As a Business owner you know your accountants PROCESS your books, does the tax, follows the systems…but your tax accountant are probably not also giving you much deep business knowledge or understanding….

With Smart Accounting’s Tools and Resources your business can develop and improve; increase profit, unlock cash-flow, optimise growth, and realise Business Success.

Improve:- to make better use of, or increase the value of, through revision, addition, or change.

Choose from these 6 ways to Improve Profit

Try increasing profit, unlocking Cash-flow, improving Profit and optimising the value of your business; there are all sorts of ways to improve profit using these services, tools and resources!

Why choose Smart Accounting

Your strengths lie in what you are choosing to do (not being an accountant) so Smart Accounting working alongside you, advising and coaching, to turn your business expansion ideas into an actuality.

  • An Accounting firm that works smarter the practical business advice you need to grow
  • No Geek-speak – access a tool-box of proven sophisticated systems and models to leverage powerful growth in your business
  • Work with us for as long as you like – from one hour Cashflow Debug to ongoing SME CFO engagements
  • One-to-one with the principal Eve Blackall to really ensure business growth, and help you regain a sense of control over your business direction
  • Pricing is straight-forward – all engagements are designed with your business cash-flow in mind.

Smart Accounting’s commitments to you are:

  • Being honest, reliable and maintaining our professionalism at all times
  • Being responsive and easy for you to do business with
  • Using a comprehensive range of specialist capabilities, drawing from cross-industry experience and networks
  • Delivering excellence (always keeping our commitments)


48 Cashflow Improvements


A list of 48 ways to ensure YOUR money is available when you need it!

lock We will never share these details with anyone.


After surviving six years in small business, I believe myself to be a relatively smart business woman and have built a successful business, but have always been terrified of “the accounts”.

Here finally, is someone I can relate to. Someone who could explain what all those numbers meant and why they were important without patting me on the head, telling me not to fuss and simply presenting me with a frightening bill for services I did not understand.

Kylie Davis, The Village Voice
Accountants seem to talk a lot about having the ability to go way beyond compliance for their clients, but for too many it’s just talk. Many SMEs would love to have Eve’s help because they don’t know what they don’t know.
Helen Wilkie

Are you ready for a bit more Improvement?

Try some individual attention - taking a personalised Debug, a customised report, or spending some time with an SME CFO can really improve your profit.

Smart Accounting differ from regular Accountants, Analysts and “Business Intelligence” experts – we are happy to be as hands-on (or hands-off) as you, and your business needs.

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