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9 ways to Avoid Spreadsheet Errors

BEWARE - spreadsheets underpinning many reports are chock-full of errors! Spreadsheets are great, they are my favourite go-to way of dealing with data - BUT there are drawbacks; well actually ONE major drawback - spreadsheets are created by humans - and humans are prone to errors! There are plenty of [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:52+11:00January 28th, 2015|Blog, Profit|

Quick – Dump your New Years Resolutions

sometimes admitting defeat is a good thing We all know we are supposed to set goals, work towards them diligently, and thereby achieve them But have you set yourself up to fail? But what happens when circumstances change along the way? Do you carry on regardless? Do you Drop your [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:52+11:00January 21st, 2015|Blog, Profit|

Prevent Internal Theft

At least 5% of your Profit is being stolen every day! Definitions: * Theft - the action of stealing; taking something without permission * Fraud - wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain Both these crimes are based on a violation of trust, and the [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:52+11:00December 22nd, 2014|Blog, Cashflow, Profit|

Worst Bookkeeper Errors

And How to Protect Your Business Bookkeeping is roughly 90% repetitive and 10% complex transactions And it is this 10% complexity where most of the errors occur and unfortunately this has two major impacts on your accounts: * Usually these complex transactions are also the larger financial ones - so [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:53+11:00December 8th, 2014|Blog, Profit|

2 ways to Goof your Budget

Goofing your Budget can lead to Business Failure! Are we the biggest threat to our own budgeting success? Budgets often flop because of structural faults such as missing information and spreadsheet errors - however, it is also quite possible to build a very sound budget then unwittingly goof it up. [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:53+11:00December 1st, 2014|Blog, Profit|

SME Dashboard – Free Ingredients plus Download

Simple Business Dashboard - Free Ingredients plus Download Make really Profitable decisions use these 8 Key Business Indicators Imagine if you had two pages with graphs and charts of your SME information and insights, in front of you right now... How much difference could that make to your profit this [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:53+11:00November 17th, 2014|Blog, Cashflow, Profit|

Budget Sabotage – 2 Ways to Hijack your Budget

2 Ways to Hijack your Budget Are you committing budget sabotage? Budgets often flop because of structural faults such as missing information, as discussed in last week's post, 3 Ways to Avoid Budget Flops. Aside from poor construction we can also be the biggest threat to our own budgeting success! [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:53+11:00November 10th, 2014|Blog, Profit|

4 tips for raising your prices now

4 Cs to help Raise Your Prices Right Now! Without Losing Customers Pricing in many ways is the easiest method of increasing your profits, and yet many of us find it the hardest to address. A great way to maintain profits is by raising your prices at least once a [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:54+11:00October 27th, 2014|Blog, Budgets, Profit|

Great tip to uncover more profit in your SME

A big mistake that steals profits in your SME Take a closer look at your Profit and Loss Report It may well reveal easy ways to uncover more profit in your SME. Understanding your markup and margins then setting your prices well are as critical as the number of sales [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:54+11:00October 20th, 2014|Blog, Profit|

Top 6 Myths About Accounting

Top 6 Myths About Accounting Accounting Myths are my Biggest Bugbear Let's Bust them once and for all! (You might even decide to like your accountant better) Myth 1: Accounting only exists to help me Appease the Government. Rubbish! - Accounting's tax focus has only arisen over the last 15 [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:54+11:00September 29th, 2014|Budgets, Profit|

Start Distorting your Bottom Line

Inflating your costs can startlingly improve profit! Start Distorting Your Own Bottom Line if you want to Really Succeed in Business For the biggest returns you need to be absolutely honest about what you contribute to your business This week I received the following Question: If a small business owner [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:55+11:00September 22nd, 2014|Profit, Selling Support|

Your Profit needs Markups and Margins

Un-confuse your Mark-ups and Margins It is too easy to set mark-ups so you end-up with negative margins (lose money)! * Pricing Right = Good Mark-up * Profiting Well = Good Margin Mix them up and you may rip yourself off! Quick Definitions to help you clear this up [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:55+11:00September 16th, 2014|Budgets, Profit|

Price Hikes Protect Your Profits

Charge More! Price Hikes are Vital for Protecting your Profits Increase your Prices to reflect changes in costing, consumer knowledge and a premium value proposition Profits are only impacted by two things - Prices and Amounts: * Revenue = The Prices your customers pay multiplied by the Amounts customers buy [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:55+11:00September 8th, 2014|Cashflow, Profit|

4 Simple DIY steps to Better Reports

4 Simple DIY steps to Better Reports Every Report should drive good decisions But are your reports: * Lengthy? * Badly Laid Out? * Hard to Interpret? * Difficult to compare or see changes over time? * Ugly? An excellent business report provides quick and easy access to the most [...]

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Sexy Wages – 4 reasons to Pay yourself well

4 reasons to Pay yourself really Sexy Wages* We Own our Businesses to Prosper - yet so often we underpay ourselves. How many times have you been advised by your Accountant to reduce your profit or takings? Something along the lines of: - "Don't make too much profit; keep [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:55+11:00August 25th, 2014|Blog, Profit, Selling Support|

Quiz – Find your Business Blind-Spots

Have you let things slip a bit? (or perhaps a lot?) Blind Spots are opportunities for boosting your profits quickly! [twocol_one] Blind Spots - We see what we expect to see. It’s a well-documented psychological phenomenon. We also have virtual blind spots that are created by our brains when something [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:55+11:00August 18th, 2014|Profit|

KPIs are only Indicators not Solutions

One Key thing to remember about KPIs: KPIs are only INDICATORS not SOLUTIONS KPIs are Key Performance Indicators; not the ultimate panacea of business management I often hear people saying "once we get our data warehouse, and report on KPIs, all will be well"; and I have been hearing this [...]

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