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Ultimate Debt Collection Guide

Use this Ultimate Debt Collection Guide to solve your Debtors Delays forever! Use very clear terms and conditions AND REPEAT THEM Regularly remind your customers of what you are expecting. Hand your payment terms to customers when you do the quote, print a copy of your payment terms on [...]

2019-05-31T16:32:53+10:00October 4th, 2015|Blog, Cashflow, Profit|

Profit versus Tax

Profit versus Tax Is your Accountant Encouraging Bad Business Decisions???? (albeit inadvertently) In a bid to reduce your tax, do you forgo profit? Do you buy up extra "unnecessary" items in the Financial Year End Sales to gain the Tax Deduction Do you keep your prices down because your accountant [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:40+11:00September 21st, 2015|Blog, Profit|

The Business Gamble – are you Winning?

The Business Gamble - are you Winning? Business Owners Back Ourselves By Starting Out, But very few of us ever check if we are winning.... Anyone who leaves their job to go into business is taking a gamble - betting on being better off - better off because of [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:40+11:00September 9th, 2015|Blog, Profit|

Pricing – the Holy Grail of Maximising Profits

Pricing - the Holy Grail of Maximising Profits Great Pricing = Knowing Markets and Costs = Maximising Profits Setting the perfect price may seem like a dark art, but with a bit of research, and the know-how outlined below, you will soon be setting your prices like a pricing [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:40+11:00August 31st, 2015|Blog, Profit|

Charge More – 4 tips

How to Charge More Without Upsetting Anyone (except perhaps your competition). 4 tips to Raising your Prices (even just a little bit more) About this time of year each year I raise my prices, it's my birthday and that seems as good a time as any to do an annual [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:40+11:00August 24th, 2015|Blog, Profit|

Taking Wages versus Profit?

Taking Wages versus Profit (or Both) As a Business owner which is better Profit or Wages? I am often asked this question: Should I pay myself more, or take extra profit from the business? The best way to work out the answer is to start with some definitions: Profit [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:48+11:00August 10th, 2015|Blog, Budgets, Profit|

5 Tips to Fix Budget Problems

To Fix Budget Problems Investigate the Causes Oh No - it doesn't look like I thought it would!!! You built a budget, and took the time to get some actual information entered as well, and now you're looking at your Profit: what you expected, against what your business is doing [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:48+11:00August 3rd, 2015|Blog, Budgets, Profit|

Mark-up versus Profit Margin

Understand Mark-up versus Profit Margin Mix them up and you may rip yourself off! * Pricing Right = Good Mark-up * Profiting Well = Good Margin You can't calculate margin without first establishing your mark-up Margin and mark-up are rooted in the same concept [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:49+11:00July 27th, 2015|Blog, Budgets, Profit|

SME KPI Dashboard in 6 steps

Creating the perfect SME KPI Dashboard is tricky So, use these 6 steps to get the best out of your BusinessKEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS - exist to direct decisions and actions; effective KPIs motivate profitable, and successful, business decisions. It seems most people forget to think about the name itself 'Key [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:49+11:00July 20th, 2015|Blog, Profit|

Stop Debtor Excuses

Getting paid on time is critical to the success of any business - BUT uncooperative Debtors are all too frequent. Understanding these 5 excuses will really help you collect your money faster. 5 Debtor Excuses for NOT Paying & What To Do First and foremost - be sure you [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:49+11:00July 13th, 2015|Blog, Cashflow, Profit|

30 June Profit Tip

If you only do ONE thing for the new Financial Year... Start a BUDGET! Budgeting is absolutely the best way to improve your business profits and overall business value next year (and the year after, and after that too). Almost everyone knows that the best way to succeed is to [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:49+11:00June 29th, 2015|Blog, Profit|

Can you Trust your Reports?

Accurate Spreadsheets Matter I believe the primary purpose of preparing any report is to drive good decision-making; if a report is incorrect then it is practically impossible to end up with the best decision, so it is vital to avoid spreadsheet errors! There are two basic [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:50+11:00June 17th, 2015|Blog, Profit|

Business Spring Clean

Start Cleaning NOW for Sparkling Financial Results If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, get ready for the new financial year If you are in the North, then doing a little housekeeping will help keep you on track "What is a Business Spring Clean?" [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:50+11:00April 18th, 2015|Blog, Profit|

Avoid Debits and Credits – what they are and how to avoid them!

Don't Let Accounting Geek-Speak Freak you out.... These easy tricks will make you a business wiz AND help you avoid techy stuff! Firstly, stop worrying about how complex accounting seems, lots of terms; cut through financial jargon...Take a different approach. Tip: Start by seeing accounting as a "convention" Accounting is [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:50+11:00March 31st, 2015|Profit|

11 Dumb Financial Mistakes of Business Owners

Assumptions, Lack of Knowledge and Hubris - Don't you get caught! There are thousands of posts about clever successful business owners, but becoming successful takes practice, and often leads to blunders along the way. These are some very common Dumb Financial Mistakes, in random order, for you to consider, laugh [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:50+11:00March 24th, 2015|Blog, Cashflow, Profit, Selling Support|

Designing Perfect Reports – “F” Your Reports

Make every report perfect with these 4 "F" Factors Are your reports: * Lengthy? * Badly Laid Out? * Hard to Interpret? * Difficult to compare or see changes over time? * Ugly? Do they deserve a big F for Fail? Designing Perfect Reports A perfect business report is useful, [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:50+11:00March 24th, 2015|Blog, Cashflow, Profit, Selling Support|

Profit v Salary – an owners Dilemma

Every Business Owners Dilemma Should I pay myself more, or take extra profit from the business The best way to work out the answer is to start with some definitions: Profit is the reward for taking the Risk of investing in a business Salary* is the reward for [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:51+11:00March 11th, 2015|Blog, Profit, Selling Support|

Help Your Reports Help YOU!

What would happen if your Reports Helped you more? Simple: - you would never make bad decisions! Your reports are decision-making tools, rather than data summaries. Do you regularly receive reports, or have you given up entirely and instead make decisions on the fly? Most business reports simply provide numbers, [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:51+11:00February 17th, 2015|Blog, Budgets, Profit|

6 things to ask your bookkeeper

Your Bookkeeper probably knows a couple of things that can improve your profit, Did you ever think to ask? You have an amazing resource at your fingertips, - are you tapping into all the benefits? Most bookkeepers will have good experience across a variety of businesses, especially the ones working [...]

2016-12-20T13:08:51+11:00February 4th, 2015|Blog, Profit|
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