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Nobody can explain the benefits of our products and services better than our clients, so we have provided you with some testimonials – listed by the industry type:


Wipro – large Indian IT outsourcing provider

Eve’s career has spanned many diverse and demanding areas from sales through to accounting.

Her approach and her ability to strive to deliver solutions in both an innovative and creative way is second to none. Not always taking the first option, but also exploring all of the possibilities then crystallising the ideas that will ensure a successful outcome for all. Eve then leads the solution implementations as well. This is a great asset to have.

She has been able to draw on direct experience of running an accountancy firm; in defining customer requirements from problem framing and then the analysis required to resolve the problem effectively is one of Eve’s great strengths.

Her strategic approach is exceptional and has been an essential factor in her success across all areas that she has worked.

I would highly recommend her to any future employer as both a valued leader and an industry thought leader.

A Symons – Executive Vice President Wipro


Village Suburban Newspapers (The village Voice)

I first met Eve when I interviewed her for an article in our paper. I was impressed by her enthusiasm for local business, and her real understanding of the challenges that small business people faced.

At the time, The village Voice was struggling to make sense of financial advice provided by faceless men in big city firms. Here final, was someone I could relate to. Someone who could explain what all those numbers meant and why they were important without patting me on the head, telling me not to fuss and simply presenting me with a frightening bill for services I did not understand.

After surviving six years in small business, I believe myself to be a relatively smart business woman and have built a successful business, but have always been terrified of “the accounts”.

Eve and Smart Accounting have taught me how to read my accounts. She has taught me how my reports simply back up and explain the story of my business – without me having to rely overly hard on my gut instinct.

My business has grown exponentially under Eve’s guidance and my own knowledge about my business has leapt dramatically. She is a straight talker and will not hesitate to tell me when I risk going astray. Equally however, she will listen to alternative points of view and sometimes even takes them on board!

They will not always tell you what you want to hear, but they will always tell you what you need to hear. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Kylie Davis – Publisher/Owner


Kinetics – Public Relations and Marketing Communications

They are Anal and Pedantic, but in a positive way! (this is a good thing in an Accounting Firm)

With a strong commitment to training and keeping up-to-date, the knowledge is evident in all parts of their work, from training us on ways to save costs, to answering queries promptly.

They are therefore able to provide a level of personalised service that is very different from other accountants. With Eve leading the account, the knowledge stays within the agency, even if there is staff turnover, which is the case with every business. At the same time, there are other staff working with Eve that are also very capable.

I have found working with the same person establishes a continuity, along with the personalised service. This provides a great sounding board for new ventures and brings together a different perspective, but from a common starting point.

I know they drive me nuts at times with all the detail, even with me being a very detailed and analytical person, but I also recognise that they care enough about my business to get it right.

Jody Lennon – Managing Director


Virtual Marketing Services

To date, we have found them to be efficient, approachable and definitely competent and up to date with the various company statutes. This allows us to rest easy in the knowledge that our company is totally compliant and would be about to withstand any level of scrutiny from various governing bodies.

Further, we would add that Eve have been extremely supportive of our business venture and has a great understanding of the requirements of managing a business on a day to day basis.

We have no hesitation in recommending Eve.

L Leach & J Condon – Directors


Phillip Boyle

Last year I had a few financial situations I was not sure of and so I turned to Eve for her advice which was quickly and expertly given and I remain grateful for her input.

This advice alone is invaluable and makes the whole process so much easier for me.

Phillip Boyle


Shortcut International Services

When I was asked to provide a short testimonial I jumped for the opportunity to provide some positive feedback. I am not the sort of person to hold back. If I am not happy with the service I receive…you will know about it. And that’s just it. It’s so easy for all of us to complain about the quality of the services and products we receive and to tell our friends and associates. In turn we can influence the success or failure of a business through our perceptions of quality. It’s so easy to spread negative news.

On the other hand how often do we spread the word on exceptional service? Not often enough.

Let me tell you a brief story. You may or may not have been in a situation where for whatever reason you neglected the finances for a number of years. You would know that you had dug a big hole and by avoiding the issues you were just digging deeper. Two years ago I was there. It was an endless pit and the lights were out. This was for both my contracting business and my personal finances. It was a right mess. As I was new to the area I needed to find an accountant to sort out my mess and help me get into a position where I could move forward. I made numerous calls and was not very satisfied with the responses to my probing questions. It is very difficult selecting a “service provider” if none have been recommended. Eventually I spoke with Eve and was very impressed that she wanted to ascertain what sort of character I was and how deep the hole was I had dug myself before agreeing to “take me on as a client’. Many people would have been offended by this but I knew that from that point on I wouldn’t settle for less than what they had to offer.

Today with a “sqeaky clean” slate in business and personal finance matters I am working with Eve in building an exciting new business. From my very satisfying experience I have and will continue to recommend Eve and her dedicated team of professionals to all my friends and business associates.

Don Grgic – Director

P.S. We apologise for any worrying typos our clients might make, but we thought it more authentic to include them!

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