Quality Testing – CHECKLIST


Confirm where Quality is great in your business PLUS highlight areas needing some TLC .


Designed to be used with Products, Services and Processes – use all 22 indicators of quality throughout your business to target improvements.


Quality Testing for Products Services and Processes


Uncover ways to improve your business


Quality Testing is a bit of a foggy concept, everyone will give you a different approach, but none are very methodical or holistic. So, I did some research and created a comprehensive list of indicators, which when all applied will paint a very clear quality picture.

  • 12 Product Quality Indicators
  • 10 Service/Process Quality Indicators

This checklist expands on how and where to use the quality indicators above to assess your products, services and processes.

Thank you Eve. I downloaded the checklist and it is fantastic! … Your indicators are a great help as we define just what quality looks like.
By Janis Nowak


What is Quality?

In a business situation “Quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of users”.

Quality will mean different things to different people, so putting your finger on exactly what your users are looking for, and what customers will expect to pay for, can be tricky.

To illustrate, the quality of your coffee purchased from “The Diner with unlimited refills”, is different to Starbucks coffee and different again from a “Nespresso”. You are quite happy to pay different prices for basically the same drink, because of the quality variations, not just in your cup, but also variations in the surroundings.


Create a routine for regularly doing quality checks, and discipline yourself to set aside small blocks of time for improving your processes to increase quality the results will be worth it. Start small and tackle one part at a time – you will be amazed at how quickly your overall quality improves when expectations are clearly set.


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