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Ready-Built Reports that are design to be clear and insightful

Don't waste hours formatting and checking if your Excel is correct – start with one of these templates and make your life easy!

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    SME Benchmarking Tool – compare your prices and cost margins against similar Aussie businesses


    Are your prices below market average?

    Is your Cost of Goods higher than others in the same boat?

    Are you overheads and fixed costs bleeding your business drier than most?

    Use this pricing checker to find out...
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    An east DIY way to gain a ball-park assessment


    Your business is only worth what someone else (who is unemotional) will pay.

    Get a rough idea of what that might be by completing this DIY Business Appraisal Spreadsheet.

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    An easy DIY Budget process - set-up and ready for you to populate your own SME Data.


    Not only does this have a simple budget table, but it includes step-by-step instructions to help you complete your revenue and expense numbers accurately.

    Once finished you create a useful management tool to identify specific areas for reducing spend and improving profits.

  • Bus Dashboard - instructions Smart Accounting Templates

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    1 Page - Simple Business Dashboard - set-up and ready for you to populate your own SME Data.


    Use this Excel Spreadsheet with 8 Key Business Indicators to transform your raw data, locked away in your accounting system, into valuable knowledge for improving your profits….