Do you need a Simple Dashboard with KPIs but not sure where to start?

Use this FREE list of Top 30 SME KPIs:

Are your Staff Supporting your business?
Are your Systems & Resources at their most effective?
Are your Processes efficient?
Are your Finances in order and your Profit appropriate?
Are your Customers happy?

Use this list to find out…


Free Top 30 SME KPIs


A Fundamental Resource for SMEs to use when creating Simple Reports and Dashboards


WARNING This is a menu not a banquet – don’t use all of these together


Here is what to do with this list:
  1. Step 1 – Don’t use them all!
  2. Step 2 – Choose 8 and build the data collection and reporting of these top 8 into your weekly reporting routine.

For Smaller SMEs the suggested break of your Top 8 is a mix of the following:

• Financial – three
• Performance – two
• Business Generation – one
• People – one
• Any other vital parameter – one

When deciding which 8 are the most important make your choice based on your current business strategy for profitable growth offset with reducing risks to the business.

For Larger SMEs– If you are a big enough business to have departments then the Director’s ‘Top 8’ will reflect the above list ; however every department should also have its own top 8 which more heavily reflects their departmental focus.
e.g. The sales department may have: Two Financial, Five Business Generation, One Performance ,One People , and One measure for Market Environment.

Use this FREE List to review your existing KPIs, or add new ones.




Top 30 SME KPIs

Convert your financials into GOLD by creating your own Dashboard

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It is easiest to setup a spreadsheet where you track the data and then create a set of graphs so you can see improvements. Remember, you can chop and change your top 8 KPIs every six months or so as you focus on new areas of your business – but start by setting up, and then stabilising, a few at a time.

P.S. Why let the next six months of the year be packed with uncertainty as parts of your business thrive, but your cashflow continues to flounder? Uncover the secrets you need to make more powerful and profitable decisions for greater business success!


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