Improve Spreadsheet Accuracy – FREE CHECKLIST


Spreadsheets are very very prone to human errors – use this Checklist to Improve Accuracy


This Checklist covers 9 easy ways to improve spreadsheet accuracy – plus lots of Quicktips to make using them faster.


Spreadsheet Accuracy Matters


BUT it is often really hard to achieve as spreadsheets grow complex!…


Spreadsheets are great, they are my favourite go-to way of dealing with data – BUT there are drawbacks; well actually ONE major drawback – spreadsheets are very very prone to human errors!

The percentage of spreadsheets that are inaccurate is alarming, there are plenty of stories on the web outlining problems with spreadsheet errors;

When people undertake simple mechanical tasks, such as typing, they make undetected errors in about 0.5% of all actions.
When we do more complex logical activities, such as writing spreadsheets, the error rate rises to about 5%.

These are some really useful ways to improve your spreadsheet accuracy…. Some are obvious, some I haven’t thought of before and am now using everywhere (using a single ‘error-checking-sheet’ is an awesome idea).

This Checklist covers 9 easy ways to improve spreadsheet accuracy – plus lots of Quicktips to make using them faster.

Accurate Spreadsheets is a difficult goal to achieve – these 9 pointers will help you build, and check, your reports to avoid errors.




Improve Spreadsheet Accuracy

9 ways to prevent errors in your spreadsheets

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There are two basic types of errors, both are the enemy of Accurate Spreadsheets:

* Quantitative Errors – create an immediate incorrect result
* Qualitative Errors – create confusion for the user

Quantitative Errors

There are three ways to create an error in the outcome of a spreadsheet.

  1. Mechanical errors – simple mistakes, such as mistyping a number or pointing to the wrong cell
  2. Logic errors – entering the wrong formula because of a mistake in reasoning
  3. Omission error – something is left out


Qualitative Errors

A spreadsheet with Quality Errors is difficult/impossible to read, edit, update and maintain. Quality errors within spreadsheets include incorrect instructions, and usually these drive errors when undertaking basic tasks of change such maintenance and updating data.

Having read all this, and been reminded about this unbelievably high statistic – I have been collating some really useful ways to improve the accuracy and usability of all spreadsheets ….Using a single ‘error-checking-sheet’ consistently, for every document, is an awesome idea! For brevity I haven’t included any screen shots or too many examples .

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