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SME Benchmarking Tool – compare your prices and cost margins against similar Aussie businesses


Are your prices below market average?

Is your Cost of Goods higher than others in the same boat?

Are you overheads and fixed costs bleeding your business drier than most?


Use this pricing checker to find out…


Free Benchmarking tool for Australian SMEs to Benchmark themselves


A quick comparison against your average competitors, using ATO data, to see how your business, and your products & services, stack-up.


Start working on the parts that need the most help! Firstly, download the excel sheet then plug in some key figures from your business, next add the newly available ATO data and the sheet will show where you sit compared to similar sized businesses in your industry.


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RED variances indicate your business is doing worse than your industry average
investigate ways to increase prices and decrease costs to boost profits
Remember these are ATO averages, taken primarily from BAS, so use them as a guide, not gospel.



You can also use this checker to assess individual items that you sell

Establish if each one of your products or services are above or below industry average? and/or your business average?

It is especially important to examine the value of continuing to sell items that are making a loss for your business, and lowing your overall profit.

As Price setting seems to still be a “dark art” with most small businesses. More often than not SMEs set their price by sticking their finger in the air and testing wind speed… “What do I think people will pay?” “Will they complain if I raise my price?”… Neither of these approaches is a good reason to LOSE MONEY.

Apart from Clearance Sales, is every sale you make profitable? Are you REALLY sure?

Raising the price on a few products by a few dollars will make a significant difference to your overall profit; especially if those products were previously making a loss.

Use this FREE SME benchmarking tool to examine your products.

Slightly raise the price on your least profitable few, keep checking how the prices compare, and keep raising slightly every few months until you meet the average… If your clients won’t wear the price rises, and you make fewer sales, you may still be more profitable because ZERO profit is better than selling at a loss. For more on this see or recent post

BE HONEST – you are the only one who will see the answers…!

How did you Score?

We recommend you start with any items you feel are not performing well, test them against your averages, and where necessary begin immediate remediation.

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If your initial calculation isn’t quite what you hoped for then go ahead and email us – we fully support this worksheet and so you can make a time and have a chat. Business owners often run personal and semi-personal expenses through their business, to minimise tax. Because the nature of these varies from owner to owner, we have not included any method of extracting or compensating for these add-backs in this DIY process.


Building the value of your business is as important as nurturing your revenue streams – it takes time and skill.
Get started with your Benchmarking Tool now…


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