DIY Business Appraisal Worksheet


Get started today!

An east DIY way to gain a ball-park assessment


Your business is only worth what someone else (who is unemotional) will pay.

Get a rough idea of what that might be by completing this DIY Business Appraisal Spreadsheet.


Curious as to what your business is worth?


This Business Appraisal Worksheet is a very quick and dirty way for you to get your own rough idea of the price your business may fetch if you sold it now.


Maximising your price is all about demonstrating the new owner will make at least as much profit, year after year, as you have.
Remember Support is the Key – it is the back-up information will make the world of difference to your asking price!


What’s Involved

  1. Before you Start you will need :
    • Three year’s worth of Tax Returns
    • Current Rental Agreement / Lease for your Premises
    • Current Stocktake & Asset Register or the Depreciation Schedule from your tax return
  2. Check your relevant Business Associations’ website for the standard sales multiplier (if you can’t find it don’t worry – you can use our Aussie average below – see notes sheet for more info)
  3. Fill in the details into the spreadsheet and it will give you a guide value


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This is a very rough and ready DIY Business Appraisal approach – and many many factors will affect your eventual sale value



If your initial calculation isn’t quite what you hoped for then go ahead and email us – we fully support this worksheet and so you can make a time and have a chat. Business owners often run personal and semi-personal expenses through their business, to minimise tax. Because the nature of these varies from owner to owner, we have not included any method of extracting or compensating for these add-backs in this DIY process.


…Being Exit Ready doesn’t mean you need to sell right now…

Building the value of your business is as important as nurturing your revenue streams – it takes time and skill.
Get started with your DIY Business Appraisal now…


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