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FREE CHECKLIST – Accurate Spreadsheets

Uncover ways to improve your business reports

There are two basic types of spreadsheet errors, both are the enemy of Accurate Spreadsheets:

  1. Quantitative Errors – create an immediate problem in your reports, some sort of incorrect result or information
  2.  Qualitative Errors – create confusion for the user and ongoing problems, such as entering the right data in the wrong place

Either of these problems decrease the reliability of the end result and cause untrustworthy reports – and we all know an untrustworthy report is as good as useless! Accuracy is hard to achieve when using spreadsheets, and the flow on effects are dramatic – incorrect reports, and bad decisions!

These are 9 really useful ways to ensure you create accurate spreadsheets, these are just two of the ideas, each point has an explanation and there are many examples, making it really easy for you to design and use accurate spreadsheets every time:

  • Organise the workbook by function
  • Use comments often

It is also poignant to remember to design your sheet for everyone to use, not just yourself …



Improve Spreadsheet Accuracy

9 ways to prevent errors in your spreadsheets

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Accurate Spreadsheets are a difficult goal to achieve- Download this free checklist right now and get started on improving your Spreadsheet Accuracy.


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