About Eve Blackall

Channel 10’s The Project call on her when they need someone who speaks accounting in language understood by us ‘normal’ business people and because her analogies include “buying a Maserati from your next door neighbour for a really good deal”! Eve is passionate about bringing profit accounting to SMEs. Currently operating her own highly lucrative practice, and previously being Group Financial Controller for various top 100 ASX listed firms, Eve is the author of ‘Profit-ology’ the ultimate guide to deciphering your P&L so you can give your own business a profit-making make-over.

Accountants continue to fail us Clients


Why no Management Accounting? 75% of Accountants think we only want Tax work Yet 89% of us want more than just compliance   Accountant continue to stick to their "tax knitting" despite the fact that most of us clients would [...]

Why do unhelpful Accountants regularly make people feel small


Arrogance? Ineptitude? Apathy? Management Reporting is the regular provision of information to business decision-makers for supporting them in their work; these reports are designed to be used to analyse and facilitate strategic and operational activities in the organization. Yet unhelpful [...]